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How to learn to invest
Investments are a way to preserve and increase capital. Buying financial assets in the long run is always more profitable than keeping money in a bank account, where it is difficult to protect it from inflation. And if it comes to amounts of more than 1 million rubles, then the deposit may have a negative effect due to the tax on interest income introduced in 2021. Therefore, now many people are showing interest in the stock market. So that you do not get confused in the abundance of information, we have compiled a short training plan for a novice investor.

Basic concepts

It is impossible to get acquainted with investing without studying the most common terms. The stock exchange is a place for concluding transactions with securities. Nowadays, access to it is provided by brokers through mobile applications and special online services. A broker is an intermediary for trading on the stock exchange. Maintains client accounts, provides technical support, acts as a client's tax agent for many transactions (calculates and pays taxes on profits independently). Large companies, among other things, conduct courses that teach investing and trading. An issuer is an organization that issues securities. A share is a security that gives the owner the right to participate in the management of the company and provides him with a share of the profits (dividends). A bond is an IOU issued by a government, municipality, or company. It is issued for a certain period with a predetermined percentage for the use of money (coupon). The pledge is secured by the entire property of the issuer.An investor is a person who invests his funds in various assets for profit. Portfolio - all assets (securities, precious metals, currencies, cash, etc.) owned by one specific investor.

Where to begin?

To answer this question, you need to understand how the investment process works. Its scheme is quite simple:

Set a goal. Determine the conditions for its achievement.
Choose a strategy.
Stick to the action plan and adjust it as needed.

Most of the time there is no problem with the first one. Most people have a fairly clear idea of ??what they want to achieve and in what time frame. It is also important for an investor to remember about the currency in which the goal will be realized. For example, it is better to immediately save up in dollars or euros for a vacation abroad.

Act Now!

We invite everyone.

I almost accidentally went to this site, but I stayed here for a long time

How are you?

Without self-discipline, success is impossible.

Real difficulties can be overcome, but only imaginary ones remain invincible.
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I almost accidentally went to this site, but I stayed here for a long time
Where to begin?
Set a goal. Determine the conditions for its achievement!

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